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flower, bloom, blossom

An Okinawan cherry blossom in early February
Okinawan cherry blossom, February

These words are both verbs and nouns.

flower, bloom, blossom

As nouns:

Basically, flower = bloom = blossom, that is, you can use all these words in the same way.

However, native speakers often use the word 'blossom' to mean the flowers on trees, especially when there are many small clusters of flowers. If there is only one big flower on the branch, then we might use 'flower' or 'bloom'.

e.g. plum blossoms, cherry blossoms, peach blossoms, orange blossoms, apple blossoms, almond blossoms,

magnolia flowers/blooms

A bushy plant, like a rose, has 'flowers' or 'blooms'.

As verbs:

For gardening, flower = bloom = blossom, and these words mean that flowers are appearing and opening.

For people or things, 'bloom' or 'blossom' means to grow (become bigger) and they are very positive verbs.

* The love between Romeo and Juliet bloomed.

* Her career is really blossoming since she moved to the city.

A hibiscus flower

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