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not vs. no

Are you confused how to use 'not' and 'no'? Look at these examples. Can you find any grammar pattern? I have no money. Peter was no help at all. There is no salt on the table.

This pattern is: no + uncountable noun The meaning = do not have = does not exist = 。。。がない

**************** It is not cold today. I am not tall. Peter is not rich. I am not a doctor. This pattern is: be verb + adjective be verb + noun The meaning = not that condition = not that thing = 。。。ではない **************** I will not go to school tomorrow. I have not seen Taro this week. I do not like orange clothes. This pattern is: not + verb The meaning = 動詞 + ない  By the way, for the first type, we often change "no" to "not". Now the verb is negative and we use "any". I don't have any money. I haven't any money. (British English style) Peter wasn't any help at all. There isn't any salt on the table.

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